Delving into the Mountain Ranges of ignorance and stupidity….


oooOOOooo……Shiney, a place to write some random faff that may or may not interest people!!

Well what are the important things about me and this blog?  Well essentially I’m a geek, and an awesome geek at that!  My favourite thing to geek over has to be science really, and rocks!  Oh yes i like my rocks, nothing wrong about liking rocks, especially when you have a degree in Geology (which I do) and therefore count as an alcohol based life form (it’s true, the internet said so!).  I also geek out over various other things which will undoubtedly become clear over time.

I also like a spot of debunking from time to time, yes you could call me a skeptic but that’s a by the by thing with me, as I mentioned above I class myself more as a geek first.  However I’m sure I will post plenty of rants about how various people misuse and abuse science for whatever reason, and I don’t mean little things like naff science in TV ads for face creams, I’m talking the likes of biblical literalists.




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